The Sky is Falling

The Sky is Falling
Is the sky falling? Nope...Did anyone ever ask the question what is really happening? Cocky Locky did but Foxy Loxy was a clever fox. He read a book.  Just how did he get all the birds into his cave?! Check out the short Disney video from 1943 below!

Chicken Little believes "the sky is falling" and panics. It struck me as odd that a child's story would end in such death. So who do you listen to?  your mother, your teacher, your friend, the news reporter, the doctor, the advertisements, the government, etc.  I am not saying you should listen to me either. Let's apply logic instead:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result."

Are you stressed and why? Not enough time! Not good enough! Not possible! Not enough information! No magic pill yet! Not sleeping enough! Not enough energy! Not the perfect weight! Not happy with your job! In pain! and so on.

Enough! You are driving yourself insane (it just so happens that mental illness is on the rise, the number one reason for long term disability and a growing concern for businesses.) Look at the bright side and learn about what you do have going for you and what are the step at a time. There are tools and solutions but they don't make people a lot of money.

As an agent of change, it is realizing that you have to start somewhere and it is not doom and gloom.  Start right now. You are enough. You can create.  What does that look like?  It will be different for everyone.

Ready - Set - Go...
Springtime or just plain old NOW is a time to renew or to just stop, think and reflect. Are you healthy? Are you happy? Are you fearful? Are you hopeful? Whatever it is I am offering a FREE 15 minutes Health Assessment for a limited time...learn about your options.

Gentle body cleansing is like cleaning your house/clothes/car of dust, dirt, etc.  Have you not be hearing about cleansing and detoxing (healthy tools) for a very long time. Do you actually believe it was created out of thin air or for the fun of it...ha ha he is running to the bathroom again, we got him good. LOL  Well it may be for some if you don't know what you are doing and there are different ways! Ask your questions and learn the ways that can work best for you and your lifestyle. Quality matters!

My reason for sharing this is because there is so much information out there and we may easily fall into believing it because it is in a book, the masses believe it, Dr. Oz said it, etc.  Quality matters!

"If I don't stop eating meat, I am doing harm to my body and the environment."
"I must eat "x" amount of fruits or vegetables or I am going to get sick."
"Fats are bad for me. They will make me fat."
"Sugar is a big culprit these days."
BUT there might be a grain(s) of truth here but stepping back we can look at it differently. Quality matters!

For your entertainment and/or education (9 mins)...

So what did you think of the cartoon and what happens? 

Let's use "The Sky is Falling" to your benefit...act as if there is no time like now. What if you have less stress, more energy, feel great after doing a program that is right for you? It is OK to jump for joy or might want to wait until after the results. With free will in your back pocket, the choice is all yours. ;o)

“I feel great and have a lot of energy. Peoples are starting to notice the change. I lost 9 to changes depending on the day. After the second cleansing day, on the second weekend, I was down 11lbs. I am 133 pounds now. Even with a little cheating during my traveling I did not gain. I feel very good. Micheal from Health Fusion is quite surprised of the change.” Lorraine, Toronto

“After having 2 children, I was finding it hard to maintain a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight. I was feeling very tired and very grey and at times turned to food for comfort but realized that it wasn't comforting. My friend, being as so enthusiastic about this program, provided me the encouragement I needed to commence. Once I started I have to say, I am very happy I did. I feel better than I have in several years. I am proud to say I have stopped drinking coffee (no more Timmy’s line ups) and can't believe how much better I sleep and how much more energy I have. It is incredible. I also feel more positive overall. I often suffered from stress headaches and haven't taken anything in one month and am learning to take better care of myself overall. There are periods where it has been tough but I realize it is worth it because I feel better than I have in ages. I am now on day 28 but at my last check in, I had lost 25 inches and to date have lost 17 pounds. I am going on maintenance in a few days but will continue with the program to continue the benefits for both my immune system and overall health. My children just suffered from the flu and I managed to escape it which is a very rare occurrence for me.”
Cathy B

“We are enjoying the shakes Randy and I. Eliza well we have to fight with her from time to time but she will drink them. Randy has lost 14 lbs and I have lost 7 so we are happy about that. I have a friend that is thinking of trying them.” Barb

“Thank you, by the way I love the program! I am experiencing soooo many benefits! More energy, leaner muscle mass and regular Bm's." Thanks again, Laurel

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For a FREE 15 minutes Health Assessment contact me today at or text 416-413-0345.  Quality matters!

Your health, my passion!

With warmth,

holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Health Coach . Speaker
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
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Peru and Health it too good to be true?

Are there any natives, cultures, aboriginals, etc. that do not have access to processed foods?

Surely yes, but visiting certain areas of Peru didn't proved to be so.

Upcoming presentations with more pictures TGTBT and learnings! Dates forthcoming.

Pink Dolphins do exist!
On February 4, 2014, I landed in Peru and by the next day I found myself walking in the Amazon jungle. First I learned that the Amazon River is officially the longest river in the world by a 100 miles.

The jungle is full of creatures. Some are active by day while others are active at night. I spied spiders (i.e. tarantulas) and snakes them knowing more about the wilds than I but a sense of fear left me thanks to Armando (Explorama) and the various animal keepers.

Cheryl with 80+lb Anaconda Snake
I dream about playing in nature! So awesome to hold or touch - an anaconda snake, various monkeys, a sloth, a Macaw bird, a millipede...some were in the wild like the piranha fish (out fishing for them and I have the teeth to prove it LOL) and a poisonous dart frog whereas others were at reserves (rescued). Others included an owl, a large loud Whooping frog, a hummingbird, very interesting looking insects, beautiful butterflies, woodpecker, stork, and other birds. Let me not forget Cynthia, an anteater (a beast of an animal but gentle) that toured around the Explorama camp as if she owned it.  I also saw pink dolphins...never knew freshwater dolphins existed let alone pink ones. Image what an anteater insect looks like! in presentation
A of many!

Most of you have witnessed the gigantic house plants that grow in the warmer climates...saw massive lily pads tucked in a remote lake/river off of the Amazon. Must share the beauty of the Avatar tree...huge and within its branches lives a world of plants and birds - hundreds of feet tall with roots spreading far from the tree along the surface. Spectacular! in presentation

Now back to food. During my stay at Explorama I ate mostly yummy salads, rice or potatoes, chicken/fish/beef and vegetables for lunch and dinner - quite basic but yummy. At breakfast and truly a delight, I drank fresh juices made with various exotic fruits like papaya, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, etc. I requested raw eggs too so I could eat like I usually do...some other brave souls took to having them with me. I mostly ate what was served and enjoyed it. I did eat more than usual but took care not to seconds. Not a chore anymore but I remember the days where seconds was always the norm especially when it tasted good.

Worth mentioning - the small sweet bananas!! There were so amazing and food for the local wasps and Cynthia.

Yup, I brought some basic supplements: the seal oil (Auum Canada) because I was going to be heading to high altitudes and I wanted the brain food for the learnings. I also brought magnesium, antioxidants (Product B Dr. Coussen's approved) and marine phytoplankton (Ocean's Alive). Many got some sickness, bitten by bugs, diarrhea, and such but with the right herbals and good eating habits (perhaps some good genes) one can escape with some minor inconveniences. Play it safe!  Learn more at the presentation.

From the processed foods side, I saw plenty of bread, crackers, chips, and soda pop, and microwave popcorn is for the asking.  Coca Cola is everywhere!  Their bottled water and soda pop. Get your pop at border crossings (went to Bolivia), airports, markets, local touring boats, villages, etc. Everywhere!

A common food is pizza. There were a lot of pizza ovens in the restaurants in Cusco, Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) and Puno. I must admit having pizza baked in a pizza oven was more appealing than in a regular oven.  Still made with wheat though so not for the gluten sensitive people.

Reed Island: Photo by Cheryl Millett
I toured Reed Islands near Puno, the southern part of Peru. There are 2,000 people living on floating islands. Their huts are humble, their clothing colourful, and they welcome tourists regularly to show us how they live. I toured around the small island (35 people and 6 families) after the talk only to find large empty plastic soda pop bottles thrown beside a hut and a small child (2-3 years old) eating processed foods from a bag. It wasn't even lunchtime yet! LOL

The tastes and temptations get the better of people even the Peruvians. Processed foods are cheap and accessible. Your purchasing dollar counts! Choose wisely and watch the grocery shelves morph to healthier foods over the year to come.

Why did I travelled to Peru, Australia last year and South Africa the year before?  Travelling to new lands is an experience but the main reason was to gain more knowledge to help others on the mind body connection. Of course the countries were selected for all the adventures and experiences to unfold.

A short video on Machu Picchu...

Eat good, enjoy living well and experience new things!

For health and happiness, contact me today to learn about your potentials. Spring is a grand time to cleanse or give the body a break...stay tuned for "The Sky is Falling."

Your health, my passion!

With warmth,

holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Health Coach . Speaker
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
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Best Present Ever! What's next?

Icy weather! Beautiful yet destructive as many lost power and many trees were down.

Happy New Year!

For 50 years, I have celebrated Christmas only this year the power went out on Sunday, December 22 at 3 am and turned back on Wednesday, December 25 at 3 am (funny how that works). Best present ever...power and hot water but there were many jewels that I want to share with you as a result of this - the greatest gifts and gratitude.  You are sure to have some of your own and I would love to hear about them.

A power outage could surely disrupt our daily activities, the planned dinners, attachment to technology and much more. It can be scary for some that require assistance and my safe wishes went out to them in a time of need and grateful to those that helped out (from here and abroad). Here at 5 Nina we are healthy and fell into line to help others at a time in need (heat management - husband in the contracting/construction business).

"You know it is cold when you pour a glass of water from a water cooler (room temperature) and it is as if you had just taken it out of the freezer!"

Over the 3 days, I realized there is much to do without power, so much to be grateful for and reminders on how I can do things differently so I made a list of things I could do (see below) and realized that if there are warnings for severe weather then get prepared...wash clothes, dishes and most of all ourselves.  I am use to eating fast foods like raw eggs, salads (beet salad with my manual SaladMaster), so food prep was easy for me because I like and use a lot of different raw foods - not as easy for other family members but Pizza Pizza was still operational. But no, we didn't order in.

"You know it is cold when your hat is your new hairdo."

We have been told to practice to be grateful and this I did...I appreciated the daylight so I could continue to do my daily reading to my good friend Liz (and so much easier on the eyes than any lights). I also appreciated: the land phone (as some of my neighbours did because they needed to call my husband); snow pants and such; chocolate; duvets; cold outside for food; candles and flashlights; a sane mind and healthy body to endure the cold situation; the many things I could do; and running water and toilets (although some Styrofoam would have been nice).

"You know it is cold when not so pretty fingernails are the fashion for washing your hands just one more time under freezing cold water is not enjoyable."

Such are the little things that also occurred but worth mentioning.  I have one little scar from the fireplace that is disappearing. The biggest regret, my daughter who just learned to knit didn't make me a pair of socks.  The fridge and freezer are spotless clean now. Found out about a new way to heat a room with candles!  I plan to practice this one for the next time (what next time! ha ha ha) while we have the internet to learn how.

What's next?

A new year, a new beginning, but that happens every year! What's new?

I have a plan do you? I have a dream do you? I am a student for life, are you? Yes. Good!

Taking yet another year in with more experiences and learnings so that I can look forward to continuing my holistic nutrition consultations and have added spiritual counselling. Being happy is the goal for many and it is possible for all of us. I will continue educating on and selling the Auum omegas. The good results continue. This year I will spend every other weekend at The Village Market in Richmond Hill at the Waldorf School with my friend Lily Lanczi talking about and selling the Auum omegas. I have the goal to write a book on the 'clean diet' and thinking about ways to make it a good story as well.

For those that follow my shares, I shall be travelling once again and this time to Peru. I will be away from the office from Feb 4 through Mar 5 but there will be others filling in for me while I am gone and I have every faith to believe that everything will be taken care of to your satisfaction.

For more information on weight loss, omegas, etc. and reaching your health goals, whatever that may be for you and dreams, please contact me at 416-413-0345 or

My gratitude for sharing my information with others who are looking.

Make it a great year, a great day, a great moment!

With warmth,
Cheryl Millett

holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Health Coach . Speaker
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *
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On the first morning, I started a list of all the things I could do or perhaps making a record for me:

1. play the piano/music
2. brush and floss my teeth (we had running water, thank God!)
3. wrap Christmas presents...a little tape and scissors
4. take the dog for a walk
5. warm-up vehicle and clean off ice
6. go shopping at Loblaws (power there)
7. make my yummy homemade eggnog in a shaker cup
8. take photos of icy branches (digital camera)
9. play cards and board games
10. eat cheese and crackers
11. make things with hot wax from candles
12. put away clothes
13. watch sunset and sunrise
14. phone people (land phone and cell phone working too!)
15. write a list...any list, this list
16. pick-up emails and texts on phone
17. comb my hair
18. play games on cell phones...but didn't really although I could charge my car when driving in the car
19. eat ice from trees
20. play dolls (not me, my daughters)
21. meet new neighbours being outside
22. go for walks and chat with neighbours
23. sing songs
24. watch TV on cell phone (daughter)
25. brush dog's fur and pat animals
26. go to the toilet! (big plus)
27. feed animals, in our case Oscar bird
28. read a book by the window during daylight
29. take a nap (like that didn't actual happen but doable)
30. admire a candle or a fireplace flame
31. write poetry
32. meditate
33. joke with my husband (jokes!! yes, good to pass the time)
34. make a protein shake (Isagenix)
35. knit and crochet (teaching my daughter)
36. draw a picture
37. visualize and dream
38. take out the garbage (quite the contrast to 37. but part of life)
39. BBQ (natural gas)
40. have a glass of wine (cork screw or twist top!)
41. water the plants
42. clean your ears
43. dust
44. organize a drawer
45. play dress-up (the kids!)
46. skate on icy sidewalks/rinks
47. put on coat/get dressed...fancy if you wish
48. exercise - climb stairs, push ups, free weights
49. write Christmas cards
50. take my Auum omegas
51. paint fingernails (never did this but possible)
52. eat chocolate and wrapping fake chocolates using chestnuts, playing yet another joke on my sister...and by now I can tell you it worked out fabulously on her husband that is
53. wash dishes
54. lite candles - essentially play with matches safely
55. write in a journal and record note messages
56. give HUGS
57. breathe and breathing exercises
58. stretch
59. collect firewood
60. pretend smoking (a little crazy but people could still smoke)
61. place freezer food outside in cold storage whether in a cooler or car
62. keep the fire going!!!
63. read stories (over the phone to a friend)
64. dance
65. receive gracious phone calls - offers to bunk there or take a hot shower
66. sunbathing by the window (face only)
67. admire the nature, the ice covered branches, etc.
68. be intimate...use your own imagination
69. wear cool headlight
70. celebrate (Shadow dog's birthday)
71. endless dog scruffies
72. sleepovers (kids)
73. tell someone you love them
74. a cold shower...gotta love how warm the airs feels afterwards
75. feel grateful...feel happy...your feelings do not need power!
and I am sure you could come up with some.

Celebrations...Now and Forever!

From my cozy cabin in the metropolis of Toronto, I would like to share my thoughts on a healthy lifestyle.

Is it what you eat, what exercise you do, how you sleep and what occupies your time (a hobby)? Does it include how you feel and how you think about everything around you?

How do you feel? unsatisfied or ecstatic or somewhere in between

From my experience, the things we do every day make up who we think we are but deep down inside we all want the same be happy, healthy and to enjoy life.  What makes you happy?  Only you can answer that question. But there is a search for it, a need to feel satisfied and good.

The most important first step is to accept where you are right now.  Let the journey begin...decide that you want a healthy lifestyle but you may not know what to do or where to begin. That is going with the flow.

Halt not the water
Let the river flow.
Which way will it go
You do not exactly know.
Let your life unfold
Be bold
With the desires of vibrant
Health and happiness.

Walking a mile is made up of taking one step at time.

My focus is on health - mind and body. What you eat is important for a healthy mind, best sleeps, good activity levels or energy, vibrant skin, good digestion, a positive attitude, disease prevention, healthy vision and hearing, reversing symptoms, and much more.

If 'health is the new wealth', I wish you the best of health forever more.  It might be simple but no one said it was going to be easy but it is worth trying and trying and trying.  There are teachers and guides to help you but it has to start with you and come from you. None of this is new.

There is only now so 'celebrate now'.

Look forward to hearing from you in anyway that best suits you.

With warmth,

Your life, your choice! Your health, my passion!
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holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Health Coach . Speaker
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *
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The JOY of Reading

For all the parents,

I wanted to share Lynette's passion for helping others.  I recently did an interview with Lynette and found her own story to be inspirational, and with such passion she moves upward and onward to help others. Enjoy learning about The WingMaker and congrats Lynette on bringing this book to fruition.


The WingMaker
By Lynette Louise, Autism Specialist

Have you ever been too tired or depressed or broke or hopeless to find value in trying? Do you have a family member that is physically or mentally or emotionally challenged and you see no point in asking them to reach for more because that seems too hard? Probably at least one of those statements fits, right? In fact something in those two lines fits all of us. That is why I spend a lot of time, money and resources trying to reach people and lift them up: Because lifting them up lifts me up and we all get to have lives filled with joy and success.
I have seen many miracles in my life and for this I am blessed.
I often want to write these ‘Miracle’ stories I observe and occasionally I do manage to put fingers to keyboards but usually I am too busy helping to tell about it. This story though…this one haunted me. I knew I had to write it and share it and uplift via telling it but I was just too busy.
Then a mom, speaking of her child, said, “I just prefer to think of her as too retarded because then I don't ask much of her and that means I don't get frustrated and that makes me nicer.”
In that moment the need to write the miraculous story of The WingMaker about a beautiful - very similar -girl I played with became paramount. In that moment I knew that the parents of the world needed to hear her story.
I looked at this mom knowing I could help her, knowing I had the therapy and the play approach to make an enormous difference in her life and decided to write The WingMaker I wrote because I knew that a story was one way to get her to listen, and try, something new.
That something new was attitude and biofeedback. When I discovered biofeedback it was something I had heard of many times before but, despite searching to help my five challenged children, I had never thought of it as having any relevance in my life. That all changed the day I read an article that described the science behind the concept. This science matched my already successful existing attitudinal approach using positive rewards to teach challenged children, mine included.
Today many years later having seen many children healed into lives of independence I find myself fully dedicated to creating unique ways to shout the possibilities created by biofeedback mingle with happy attitudes. Why? Because people like that mom can't always hear what is said without knowing that someone else has lived it before.
Fact is, in my field amazing stories happen, often. But in order to be scientifically viable we are constrained from sharing these stories in the fear that we will never be more than anecdotal. Meanwhile constraints of this type create lies of omission. My solution is to bring creative works into the world that reach the heart and open otherwise closed doors. And yes I shared the story with that mom. And yes it has already uplifted and inspired her to help her child in a new yet beautiful way. The cascading effect is: everybody heals.
On Friday Dec 5th (2013), my new book The WingMaker will be launched. It’s based on a true story about a young girl with CP. It’s an amazing story. And buried subtly within … just enough to tickle a person’s curiosity… biofeedback shares the credit. This story is great for any family and can go where our science documents cannot. Please help me share it.  Buy one for yourself, one for your loved ones and an anonymous one for someone you barely know.

On the side...thank you Lynette for all that you do.  Warmly, Cheryl
I will forever be grateful to Lynette for her help during one of the most difficult periods in my life.  I was suffering from emotional instability, loss of memory and the ability to process diverse and interrelated data.  Tests indicated probable damage to the brain from car accident(s).  After neurofeedback and emotional guidance I went from a state of hopelessness, depression, fear and anxiety to a more stable state of being able to affect own my emotional states and enjoy a larger richer life.  To me Lynette has been a life saver, life enhancer, coach, inspiration, soft place to land, confidant and professional.  Lynette knows what she is doing. She took calculated risks and treated me aggressively for quicker results.  She is amazingly good at communicating how the brain works in a meaningful and motivating manner. Today,  "Happiness is a Choice"  I love and appreciate her very much.
Carol Whitley

On Board with Natural Immunity

You cannot see easily it. Most are not sure how to recognize it. You experience the heat of the fever. You see the redness and swelling on the skin when there is a cut. What is it?

Life dishes out a cold here and there, perhaps a disease comes about. Doctors say that an underactive/overactive immune system is part of the equation over 90% of the time.

What is your immune system? Your immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within our body that protects us against disease. To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism's own healthy tissue. Disorders of the immune system can result in autoimmune diseasesinflammatory diseases and cancer.

Whether you decide to engage the assistance of your medical doctor for advice and recommendations to support your health, you should always consider the role you play in managing your own health.  When you are personally engaged and committed to your health YOU on your own can have a powerful impact.

Interested in supporting a healthy immune system in a natural way?

Let’s review the basics to a healthy immune system (not in order of importance):

1.  Eat Well.  Feed your body as much fresh whole organic foods, which include a healthy amount of raw vegetables and leafy greens. Avoid refined sugars (i.e. High Fructose Corn Sugar), processed foods (i.e. cereals, crackers, etc.) and chemicals (i.e. artificial sweeteners, food colourings, etc.) including carbonated beverages. Consume pure water, an amount that is right for you and your lifestyle.

2.  Exercise.  Move your body! Most will agree that they feel better after exercising.  Remember that exercise is a stress on the body so if you're already overwhelmed with life, stressed, and/or sleep deprived, adding an intense workout to the plate will actually be unfavourable to your immune system.  So use common sense.

3.  Sleep.  Get enough of sleep, rest and relaxation.  Aim for 7-8 hours each night. This common saying may ring true - early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.

4.  Common sense.  Wash your hands. Practice food safety. For additional support you can gargle with salt water and also lubricate the nasal passageways.

5.  Take your supplements.  We need essential nutrients every day to support a healthy immune system.  It has been proven that our foods today do not contain the same nutritional value.  Make sure that you’re taking quality products from a natural source and not synthetic. This is tricky because you can’t always tell by reading the label so use the same guide as Eat Well – purchase supplements that are derived from fresh whole organic foods.

6. Vitamin D. Vitamin D is one powerful nutrient also known as the sunshine vitamin.  According to Dr. Russell Blaylock and many others, Vitamin D is the best protection we can give ourselves, like sunshine is to plants.  Regarding a presentation on vitamin D at the University of Toronto, the studies indicate that a lack of vitamin D may contribute to higher risks for a number of diseases including colorectal, breast and prostate cancers, autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.  The common thread and agreement throughout the day was that with the right levels of vitamin D, the possibility exists to stop these diseases in their tracks.  Health Canada is currently reviewing the benefits of vitamin D and the Canadian Cancer Society also recommends a daily dose of 1,000 IU.

Vitamin D3 Supplementation.  If you live in Canada you can consider yourself deficient as we most likely don't have enough sunshine to make the levels the body needs.  If your body naturally makes 10,000 IU of vitamin D from absorbing sunshine, then you can certainly consider the 400 IU recommended by Health Canada (to fight off rickets) as an insufficient amount.  Again the Canadian Cancer Society recommends 1,000 IU of vitamin D a day but you will find many practitioners recommending more.

As important as knowing how much vitamin D3 you should be taking, is finding a natural source that is effectively absorbed (vitamin D3 is a fat soluble means) and a brand that you can trust. My vitamin D3 of choice is from Auum Inc.  The 1,000 IU of natural vitamin D3 (from sheep's wool) is blended with a mammalian source of omega which is another powerful nutrient that our body requires to support our immune system health and to help with the absorption into the cells.  The Auum product is a raw whole source and a sublingual product (held under tongue) with natural lemon oil allowing the body to utilize the maximum amount unlike easy to take capsules. There is supplementation for everyone. Decide which one is for you.
Are you ready to build your immune system naturally?

For more information on optimum health, vitamin D3 supplement options and health related topics contact me or you can access my websites below.

Your health…my passion!

Cheryl Millett has a degree in Holistic Nutrition, and a diploma in Iridology with a specialty interest in digestion, and for over 19 years, she worked for one of Canada's largest grocery retailers with in depth experience in the food processing area. Alongside consulting and being a presenter, she is also the Director at Auum Omega 3 Canada with over 5 years of experience and research in the area of omegas. 

holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Health Coach . Speaker
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *
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Discovering Omega 3 Magic

A Health Journey: From Trend to Wisdom
By Lily Lanczi

Who am I?

Cheryl Millett, holistic nutrition toronto, omega 3 and childrenI have been going to health food stores since I was 18 years old. So I was conscious about and interested in exploring health early on in my life.

I have spent the last 20 years in and around the alternative health care industry, first as a sales representative and more recently as a writer.

Initially I learned to recognize what was unhealthy – and over the course of my life, I have increasingly found food that was processed, denatured, and devoid of the nutrients the human body needs to thrive. Now I have a good understanding of what it takes to nourish and care for the human body.

Is Vegetarianism Optimal?

Three years ago, I began to question the wisdom of the vegetarian diet. I had stopped eating red meat 20 years before, convinced that it was bad for me.

I was doing a juice fast when a new friend I had met at a market directed me to the book The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. She said: “Just read it. It will open your eyes.”

I was feeling depleted. I had been following a vegetarian, verging on vegan and raw diet for six months, also incorporating the diet and book Eat Right for your Blood Type by Dr. Peter J D'Adamo .

The Maker’s Diet is an introduction to a Paleolithic diet. Rubin claims that this is the way God and the Bible intended for us to eat. In his book, Rubin challenges his readers to cut out grain and nuts for 40 days, focusing on meat, fish, eggs, raw dairy and vegetables.

As I read and began to doubt the wisdom of avoiding animal products and particularly animal fat, I experienced a common inner struggle. I had heard for so many years that red meat was unhealthy, hard to digest, full of growth hormones and antibiotics and therefore not an optimal food choice. Vegetarianism was becoming increasingly popular. Many of my friends, for both health and spiritual reasons had stopped eating meat. Vegetarianism was not only becoming my goal, it was becoming my bible. I love animals and want to be kind to them. Yet, for all my efforts and willpower, I was not feeling great. I found that I was often hungry and cold. And I had always loved eating meat. So, in the midst of this dilemma, I was open to hearing about a new approach.

Well, I accepted Rubin’s challenge. I also started drinking raw milk. I had been struggling with indigestion whenever I ate grains with gluten, especially wheat. And indigestion is no fun at all. After 40 days of following Rubin’s diet and cutting out all grain, I felt wonderful! My indigestion was gone and as I was digesting and assimilating my food better, I had much more energy.

Around the same time, I was introduced to the Weston A. Price Foundation. Weston A. Price D.D.S. was a dentist from Cleveland, Ohio, known primarily for his theories on the relationship between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. His book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, describes the fieldwork he did in the 1920s and 1930s among various world cultures. He found that non-Western groups showed increases in typical Western diseases as they abandoned indigenous diets and adopted Western patterns of living. He concluded that Western methods of commercially preparing and storing foods were stripping away vitamins and minerals necessary to keep the body healthy and to prevent disease.

Price perceived that the way for humans to properly nourish themselves is to eat mostly nutrient-dense foods, particularly animal foods, from animals raised on mineral-rich soil, including organ meats and milk products. For more information on the Weston A. Price Foundation, please visit:

Although I am not a nutritionist, I have a wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition. I will likely never be someone who believes I have no more to learn.

Nevertheless, I am not often blown away by something new anymore.

Well, this past weekend I was blown away.

As you have probably already guessed from my quest for optimal health, I am a truth seeker.

When I find a new truth that blows me away, I get excited and feel immense gratitude.

One of the big deceptions of our time, believed by the majority of us and the medical system we collectively support with a large percentage of our hard earned dollars is that we are not what we eat.

As our food becomes more and more synthetic, as it becomes less and less recognizable to our bodies, as it provides our bodies with less and less nutrients needed to build and repair our cells, we become sicker and sicker.

And sadly we bring children into the toxic jungle we are creating. What I do not understand is how most people can turn a blind eye to signs that are absolutely unmistakable. A growing number of the children I see in public places are overweight, have visible rashes or eczema, behave inappropriately and are miserable.

I was a student of Native American Medicine Wheel teachings for a number of years and took a vow to: “Never cross the children’s fire”. I have come to understand this to mean that I commit to never intending to harm a child - or the child in us all.

Yet, when we do not give our children the nourishment they need, are we not crossing the children’s fire in the most elemental way?

What Causes Autism?

Out of this breakdown of our food system, we are birthing children who struggle from the moment they are born. Our environment is toxic, mothers often have no clue how to eat optimally during pregnancy, and babies are often not breast fed (breast milk is 30% Omega 3) and are vaccinated a number of times in their first year of life. I believe this combination of factors contributes to the onset of autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

I am not alone. Jaquelyn McCandless, MD in her book Children With Starving Brains - A Medical Treatment Guide For Autism Spectrum Disorder says:

“The environmental insults that trigger the damage can occur before birth while the fetus is still developing, during infancy, or while the child is a toddler. Whatever the timing, those environmental insults overburden undeveloped or just developing immune systems, often causing the children’s immune systems to turn against their own bodies.”

McCandless believes that there is a causal relationship between environmental insults and many autoimmune diseases. She goes on to say that this is a manifold problem:

“There are many theories regarding the exact identity and mechanism of the environmental insults that trigger the cascade of physical, mental, and emotional dysfunctions which result in the starvation of a child’s brain… there is strong evidence incriminating not one, but several toxins and mechanisms of entry as primary villains behind the damage suffered by many of our children.”

Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D
What is Omega 3 Magic?

I connected with Auum Director Cheryl Millett on LinkedIn as if by accident. Yet I do not believe there are any accidents. Nevertheless, I had no idea what our association would be. When we had a long telephone conversation and she introduced me to Auum and their mammalian source of oil, I was intrigued. When I went to an Auum Conference a couple of weeks later, I was captivated. The presentations were excellent.

Most of us health food enthusiasts recognize the importance of healthy oils in our diets.
However this was the first time I had heard about a source of oil, with the clinical research to back it, that has a chemical structure most similar to the human body, and that can be assimilated almost immediately, particularly in a sublingual form. Omega 3’s are absorbed sublingually into the bloodstream quickly and it is not at all uncommon to see positive results within days or even, as in my case, hours. (Cheryl's comment: Sublingual refers to under the tongue)

I was surprised to learn that Omega 3, which the body cannot produce, is necessary for both replenishing the cells with nutrients and also for the crucial job, all the more necessary in a toxic environment where our foods are becoming increasingly contaminated, of helping the cells remove toxins. A lack of Omega 3 reduces the ability of the cells to efficiently perform their function, leading to nutrient starvation and chronic illness.

Omega 3 is important for the regulation of inflammation, pain, swelling, blood pressure, heart function, gastrointestinal function and secretion, kidney function and fluid balance, blood clotting and platelet aggregation, allergic response, neurotransmission, steroid production and hormone synthesis. A deficiency of Omega 3 will lead to dysfunction of these vital bodily activities.

Most health practitioners I know of recommend fish oil as a source of both Omega 3 and Omega 6. I was surprised to learn that the Omega 6 in fish oils is far greater than the Omega 3 and that this can be detrimental if one is not getting enough Omega 3 because it creates an even greater imbalance.

Then there is the other nutrient that there has been so much hype about recently: Vitamin D. I also found out that the vitamin Ds, particularly D3, in mammalian oil is the most bioavailable form after direct exposure to sunlight, which the majority of us do not get enough of.

I started taking the oil the day after the conference. I had cleaned out a friend’s attic the week before and must have pulled a muscle because I had a lot of achy pain on my right leg travelling from my knee to my hip – and it was not getting any better. I was thinking that something must be out of place and was considering going to a chiropractor. The first dose of the oil alleviated the pain considerably, much to my relief. I took the 3 recommended doses that day. By the next day the pain was gone – and by a couple of days later, the pain seemed like a distant memory!

My guess is that the pain was due to inflammation and that the oil helped my body clear out the toxins causing it – almost right away. I consider this to be one of nature’s amazing acts of magic!

Does Omega 3 Magic Help Children?

To summarize, Omega 3 is a necessary building block that helps children grow up with optimal health.

I have heard and read many stories of miraculous improvements in adults with chronic illnesses or small and pains like my own, in children with ASDs and other autoimmune diseases, and also in pets.

I was honoured to meet the owner, director and associates of Auum. They are people who are committed to making a difference and helping others, particularly children. I am excited to work alongside them.

Would you not help a child if you were in a position to? Please help us spread the word.

You will find a wealth of information at Auum Omega 3. 

Thank you Lily Lanczi for sharing and writing this article. Lily is available for editing and writing. Her skills are clearly demonstrated here. If you would like to connect with Lily please send me an email at and I shall connect you.

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