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Mammalian Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation

Evan Lewis of the University of Toronto publishes this statement based on the recently completed double-blind clinical study: "Omega-3 supplementation in well trained athletes was shown to increase muscle activation (9%) and reduce sprint cycling fatigue (5%)."


Mammalian omega-3 fatty acid supplementation for 21-days improves aspects of neuromuscular function and mitigates fatigue during cycling exercise

Evan J. H. Lewis, Peter W. Radonic, Richard P. Bazinet, Thomas M. S. Wolever, Greg D. Wells

PURPOSE: Omega-3 fatty acids (N-3) are an essential nutrient for human health and development than can only be obtained from the diet. N-3s are an integral component of neural tissues and have anti-inflammatory properties. Research to date has focused on the effect of N-3s on cardiovascular outcomes and animal models of neural injury/regeneration. Limited data suggest N-3 supplementation benefits exercise performance, however no study has investigated the ergogenic potential of N-3 supplementation on neuromuscular function or performance. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of short-term mammalian N-3 supplementation on neuromuscular function and physical performance in well-trained athletes.
METHODS: Male athletes (n=30), 25 years (SD 4.6), training 17 h.wk-1 (SD 5) completed this randomized placebo-controlled parallel design study (N-3 n=18; placebo n=12). Prior to randomization (2-10 days), participants completed a familiarization session of neuromuscular testing consisting of quadriceps maximal voluntary isometric contractions (qMVC) with electromyography (EMG) recordings from the vastus lateralis (VL) and measurement of rate of force development. Participants’ 10-repetition maximum (RM) back squat was established and a cycling VO2max test was performed. Baseline testing occurred after 24 hours recovery from training. After a resting venous blood sample was collected and a battery of tests were performed as follows: qMVC, squat jump, counter-movement jump, push-ups, 10-RM squat, Wingate, 250 kJ time trial (TT) and qMVC. Participants then received their randomly assigned supplement and were instructed to take 5 mL daily (N-3 seal oil, 375 mg EPA, 230 mg DPA, 510 mg DHA; placebo, olive oil). After 21-days of supplementation, participants’ repeated baseline testing using identical methods. Plasma % N-3 was analyzed using a two-factor ANOVA. The magnitude-based inference approach was used to estimate the probability that N-3 had a beneficial effect on neuromuscular function and performance of at least ±1%.  Data are shown as difference in % changes on N-3 versus placebo (mean±90% confidence interval). Results were considered to be unclear, possibly, likely or very likely beneficial when the probability of a beneficial effect was <25 25-74="" 75-94="" or="" p="" respectively.="">
RESULTS: After supplementation, plasma EPA % concentration was higher in the N-3 group (p=0.004) but the increases in DPA and DHA were not significant (p=0.087, p=0.058). N-3 supplementation had an unclear effect on qMVC force (4.1±6.6%). Vastus lateralis activation measured by EMG increased 9% (SD 38) on N-3 versus a 13% (SD 19) reduction on placebo, indicating a very likely benefit (20±18%).  There was an unclear difference between groups in the jump tests, push-ups and 10RM squat; however, N-3 supplementation had a very likely beneficial effect for reducing Wingate fatigue measured by % power drop (-4.76±3.4%). TT performance was 6.23 (SD 131.63) seconds faster on N-3 and 22.91 seconds (SD 65.05) slower on placebo, but this represents an unclear difference of -1.9±4.8%.
CONCLUSION: This is the first study to demonstrate an ergogenic effect of N-3 supplementation on neuromuscular function and performance in well-trained athletes. Supplementation improved muscle activation and mitigated cycling fatigue. These results provide a basis for further investigation of N-3 supplementation in athletes.

[Noted by Cheryl Millett: Product used was Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D. 1 tsp or 5 ml daily] 


Continued studies with athletes by Evan Lewis are currently taking place and will be published/shared as they become available.

"Omega-3 Supplementation and Adaptations to Sprint Interval Training"

Evan Lewis PhD (C) at the University of Toronto set out to eliminate as many variables as possible from the choice of participants to the best replication of the Auum oil (mammalian Omega-3s) with the placebo (olive oil plus lemon oil and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3).  Evan recently presented at a conference and shared the final results, although, one thing is for sure, Evan continues to dive into the results for more answers.


Evan Lewis at the University of Toronto is startinganother research study on:
“The Effects of Omega-3 Supplementation on Diabetes Neuropathy”
Researchers in the Department of Neurology are currently recruiting adults (> 18 years old) with Type 1 diabetes to participate in a research study examining the effects of Omega-3 supplementation on nerve function.  Free product provided for this 1 year research study. Please contact for a screening. Email today as participation is almost full. Feel free to pass this along to others.

I congratulate Evan on his winning the Canadian Diabetes Research funding competition to make this research possible. Auum only supplies the product.


Auum's Mammalian Omega 3 oils are Health Canada approved and have been accepted for the use in double-blind studies funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Cancer Society. Currently, these studies are taking place at Universities in Toronto and Montreal, CANADA.

Klondike Baked Beans

nutritionist Toronto
Cheryl's Baked Beans with avocado - Mar '15
A Canadian dish to be sampled by any person looking for a heritage dish or to bring back our childhood memories of canned beans.

Warming any way you eat them! There is a certain amount of chilly peppers in this dish. Eat the beans hot out of the oven, warmed up or even cold. Serve them as the main dish with toast and butter or as a side dish or even a potluck dish liken to a cold salad or a hot entree. Create a vegetarian version which I do so many times. A good piece of salt pork isn't easy to find...cannot tell you the last time I found one.  Delicious any way you make them.

Seasonal! I have only made them on a cold chilly Fall or Winter day because the oven is on for several hours and the smell each and every time you go out and in the house is part of the experience teasing those that are just stopping by.

Storytime! Let me share how I came upon making these baked beans and at times I have read Burton's essay to my guests.

Yes, I was one of those children that was served baked beans from a can, warmed up with perhaps a chopped weiner or two, and definitely with toast and butter and mostly likely a glass of milk on the side (and I don't remember where the veggies came in. grin and a smile)

It all began when in my twenties. I was taking a college English course as part of a certificate for "Travel & Tourism."  One of the books was a collection of short essays - all the different kinds of essays. One kind of essay is a "how to" do something essay.  This is how I stumbled upon Pierre Burton's Baked Beans only there were no measurements to follow but a very descriptive and entertaining way of sharing a recipe.

Over the years, many people have experienced them - dined with me, sampled them, or got a mason jar full of beans.  A few have actually asked for the recipe and I have scanned the essay and sent it to them.  I cannot recall if anyone has actually made them.

Hope you enjoy the essay as much as I and to further broaden your research you can search up Klondike Baked Beans.  I have done this but I didn't find the exact same recipe. However, it might help guide you with the quantities. I have never followed any of them nor have I written down what I did (depends on what I have on hand and the company coming over) and every timem I enjoy reading the essay in preparation.

Experience! Feast all your senses into this one: the visions of seeing the white beans turn a deep brown, the smell of awesome aromas from the herbs and more for hours on end, the taste of something so complex and delicious, and finally, yes the hearing of the sweet words of praise as it touches and warms the stomachs of your appreciative family and friends.

FARTS...oh yes, aren't these a part of every bean consuming experience?  I find keeping the meal simple...just beans...and no desserts is the best way to reduce this part of the experience. Some of us don't experience farts. It is possible. And if you wish to know a little more about how this is possible, contact me.

Your story! SO if you do make them, please comment here on your experience and what your happy tasters say about them, them, the deep brown coloured globes basked in a tasty liquid so complex most eaters cannot tell you all that is in but they have fun trying.

Enjoy my good friends!

Nutritionist Toronto
Pierre Burton "Baked Beans" from Short Essay College English Text

Nutritionist Toronto
Pierre Burton "Baked Beans" from Short Essay College English Text
Your health, my passion.

With warmth,

holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr 
Holistic Nutritionist and Practitioner
Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *

Tags: baked bean recipe, holistic nutrition, whole foods, Pierre Burton

The Different Facets of Vaccines

Dedicated to the healthy children! 

Are vaccines are right up there as something not to talk about (like religion, sex and politics)?

If you are willing to talk about vaccines, controversy may be at hand, and there are usually TWO sides - FOR and AGAINST. Here's hoping you are one of the thousands that is reading this article and if you feel it will help others, please share it from a good place.

In my opinion, vaccines are trying to copy the very thing the immune system would do naturally if confronted with the virus, disease, etc.  SO good intentions.

Perhaps they did not anticipate the various outcomes? side-effects
Perhaps they did not know about the functioning of the immune system? too soon, too much, too toxic, too stimulating...

One thing is for sure, our bodies are miraculous. It doesn't give up and communicates with you in many ways...low energy, convulsions, diabetes, cancer, aches and pains, fevers, itchiness, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea and much more. At any point, our bodies may not be in balance and you will understand this through the various symptoms you experience.

What do you think about how the body works?  Do you believe you are Tylenol deficient when you have a headache?  Do you believe you are mercury filling deficient when you have a cavity? Do you believe you are cast deficient when your bones are soft and break? I think you get the idea.

Are there a purpose for vaccines? Perhaps. I have use homeopathics to replace vaccines when travelling (Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe) and chose not to vaccinate my youngest child at all. The older one earlier on because my husband was threatening with divorce. I did my best to avoid certain things and that is how I counsel others who are more comfortable with giving the vaccines to their children but want to avoid any harm. Many are telling us that we must take them, we must give them to our children - it is the law.  Well it isn't. OK some countries will not allow you in unless you have the vaccine needed so your choice is not to go there or go there and get the required vaccines.

There is enough people and information telling you YOU need them. There is information and books on the other side too which is what I want to present to you.

My choice is no vaccines and I cannot possibly give you all the reasons and details here. You could go crazy reading all of the information on the side-effects, your choice, but I don't recommend it unless you can stay neutral - and for darn sakes choose not to feel guilty or angry, of course this is once again your choice. Three cheers to healthy children.

LEARN ABOUT BOTH SIDES...if you have any questions or want to learn more about your choices and how to stay healthy naturally, contact me.

Disclaimer: It is your choice to vaccine or not to vaccine and you might find some the following information not to your liking.

The United States Court of Federal Claims accepts that vaccines harm humans and orders the payment of compensation for harm and injury.
The U.S. Government Settlements on Measles Vaccine Injuries

The other place to find facts regarding injuries and deaths due to the measles vaccine is to look at U.S. Government settlements for MMR vaccine injuries and deaths. The U.S. public is largely unaware that manufacturers of vaccines have been given legal immunity from being prosecuted in civil court for vaccine injuries and deaths, since 1986. If someone is injured or killed by a vaccine, they have to sue the U.S. Government in a special “vaccine court.”

The Department of Justice issues quarterly reports on claims and settlements, and one can search for specific vaccines settlements at the United States Federal Courts website.

As search here for “measles” returns a result of 111 claims settled for the MMR vaccine since 2004. Some of them are for settlements due to deaths related to the MMR vaccine, as determined by the judge.  See two orders for compensation below. U.S. Court of Federal Claims Opinions
Petitioner has provided preponderant evidence that the Prevnar vaccination M.R. received on March 17, 2008, caused him to suffer a seizure disorder. For the reasons discussed above, the undersigned finds that petitioner is entitled to compensation. A separate damages order will issue.
For the reasons discussed above, I find that Petitioner is entitled to compensation because he has met his statutory burden of providing preponderant evidence that his vaccinations more likely than not caused his encephalitisand related illnesses. In order to guide the parties through the damages phase of the action, a separate damages order will issue.
IT IS SO ORDERED. The United States Court of Federal Claims (in case citationsFed. Cl. or C.F.C.) is a United States federal court that hears monetary claims against the U.S. government. Founded in 1855 as the United States Court of Claims. In law, a special master is an authority appointed by a judgeto make sure that judicial orders are actually followed.

Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

With the measles and measles vaccine debate reaching a near frenzy on the Internet, it is always nice to throw some cold hard facts on the firestorm currently raging in the measles debate.

So here are some easily verifiable facts regarding deaths associated with measles in the United States for the past 10 years, and deaths associated with measles vaccines during the same 10 year period.

First, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keeps a weekly tally of disease outbreaks, including deaths. According to a statement made by Dr. Anne Schuchat, the director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, in an Associated Press story picked up by Fox News on April 25, 2014:

There have been no measles deaths reported in the U.S. since 2003

The weekly CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR) since that date have not revealed any measles deaths either.


Your health, my passion!

holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr 
Holistic Nutritionist and Practitioner
Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *

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STRESS or Opportunity

Looking at stress in a different light! Making stress your friend, not the hey buddy kind of deal - perhaps trying to make it less complicated, wouldn't that be lovely.  So many times we get caught up in the moment, in reaction mode, by the past - what was, distracted by our lives and the day to day grind. There are solutions and ways to move forward more gracefully.  You can take off the ballet slippers now and there is no special formula.

Stress: a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.; something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety; physical force or pressure.

Stressing, stressors, stresses, stressed...whatever the way it is spelled it can all be looked at as okay or an opportunity for growth.  How can that be?  A time to be creative or problem solve.

Choice.  "is your glass half full or half empty?"
Courage. "become better not bitter"
Growth.  "my injury has taught me something and I avoided a bigger injury"
Happiness. "the grass isn't greener on the other side"
Change.  "in hindsight, I wouldn't change a thing"
Lessons.  "if I had given up, I wouldn't be where I am today"
Patience.  "it was worth the wait"

How do you look at it?

Most practitioners/people understand that stress is just a part of life.  It makes us who we are and takes us places we never imagined.

Do you let it control you?  Is it affecting your health, well-being or relationships?  With ALL things going on do you find it difficult to fall asleep?  Do you worry or feel anxious?  Do you get overwhelmed at times?  If they would only...

On the positive side, we can look at what is challenging or stressing us and learn from it.  Grow stronger from it.  Yes, one could go to the gym and lift weights and become stronger and more flexible.  Yes, you can try something you may have doubted you could not do BUT did grow more confident.  As children we welcome these situations or opportunities to learn.  As adults, we take things far too seriously.

I am doing more of this in my practice...stress management or perhaps thought management alongside a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition. They go hand in hand. Body and mind as thoughts are things too.  Just the core beliefs help my clients.

There is hope and solutions.

1) learn how to breathe properly - most are shallow breathers, take in slow deep breathes especially before you eat
2) laugh and smile - bring back the laughter, laugh at yourself, when we are smiling it is difficult to feel negative
3) clear the mind - meditate or stare at something you find appealing
4) take time out - engage in a hobby like gardening, cooking, art, music, etc.
5) eat a healthy and balance diet

You are worth it and if you need guidance, you need guidance. Teachers give a helping hand, you still have to reach out and take it.

"I worked with a computer programmer some 30 years ago, and I will never forget these words - if it is repetitive or difficult or time consuming, there might be an easier way! - and how this has helped me question and ask for assistance."

There is no time like the present.  Are you where you want to be with health and happiness?

"If you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right." Henry Ford

All is well...the present is always a springboard to move on.

With love,

holistic nutrition, omega-3, seal oil, fish oils, autism, nutrition and athletes, cardiovascular disease, internal salt water bath, iridology
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr 

Holistic Nutritionist and Practitioner
Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *

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Chaga in Modern Times

According to my asking others and as indicated in other articles, most North Americans have not heard of chaga.  What is chaga?

a) Is it a Peruvian dance that is now popular in Brazilian clubs?
b) Is it a comfortable skirt worn in Africa made of natural strong plant fibers, very soft durable cotton like material?
c) Is it a Australian character in a computer game bringing attention to the importance of fitness to school children?
d) Is it the sticky stuff that make stickers stick on fruits and vegetables?
e) None of the above.

Can you tell I played the game Balderdash? The answer is none of the above.

Diving more into the world of nutrition and what our wonderful world naturally creates for us. Siberians, Japanese, and Chinese are familiar with the chaga mushroom under the following names:
Wild Chaga Mushroom on a Birch Tree

"King of Herbs"
"Diamond of the Forest"
"King of Plants"
"Gift of God"
"Mushroom of Immortality"

With names like these, let's learn more about this rare birch fungus - hard as wood, gold on the inside, black on the outside, unique mushroom that seems to have a great strength in order to survive the harsh climates. My initial research shows it has the potential to help with the effects of stress and disease. According to many articles and videos, it is apparently all of the following and more:

- anti-cancer and anti-tumoral  (the black outside part of the chaga mushroom)
- #1 antioxidant in the mushroom kingdom or in the world
- an immune tonic
- anti-inflammatory and healing
- cleansing/detoxifying

Chunks of Chaga Mushroom
Many people from Siberia, Russia, China, Korea, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere have been consuming chaga as a daily beverage for its longevity nutritional properties.  Russia saw the benefits and gave it to their athletes for strength. This makes the chaga mushroom good for anti-aging and disease prevention. Some will call it a power source and adaptogenic. One of my favourite products (outside of seal oil omegas) is an adaptogenic tonic.  According to the Seven Stages of Disease, inflammation and the aging of cells are part of every disease and there is only 2 root causes and one other thing that stands out with living well - STRESS management.   Adaptogenic is helping the body manage stress. It is all connected.

Chaga may contain these powerful and most essential substances:

- B vitamins
- minerals (copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iron)
- enzymes (superoxide dismutase or SOD)
- phenols (chromogenic complex)
- flavonoids
- pantothenic acid
- melanin
- beta-D-glucans, a type of polysaccharide

Antioxidants has a big market share in the Health and Wellness pills, juices, etc., as blueberries, vitamin C, and more.  There are similarities with the two but yet differences.  But which ones do you take? How processed are they? What is the sugar content? Do you notice a difference?

Similar to seal oil/blubber, I noticed a positive feeling the very first time I drank a cup of my own brewed chaga tea. However, with the seal oil, I held it under my tongue for a minute and it entered directly into the bloodstream and into the brain/body.  With the chaga, I drank it like a warm tea yet felt the feeling of something positive happening.  With the seal oil, I felt more alert within minutes. Both wild ancient healing foods that peoples knew about for hundreds of years.  Be aware of cultivated chaga which is not the real deal, and I only know of one seal oil (Auum) that is not refined. With my previous research and experience, it makes a difference.

I have to agree with them on its pleasant enjoyable taste.  I would highly recommend the chaga tea to my clients to replace their coffee/tea.

Tastes Better than Coffee!
Someone gave me a small piece, palm size, of a chaga mushroom from Northern Ontario.  For over 3 weeks, I have been using the same mushroom broken down into several pieces to brew up some chaga tea. I have been simmering it for 60+ minutes or more and drinking warm.  I have chose not to add any milk or sugar to it because it tastes great as it is.  I did add some of my raw milk one day to see what it would taste like, but only when it was warm and not hot (based on my own food preparation beliefs) and it tasted good. One could probably add to some ice for hot days.

A piece of chaga could make tea for the whole year as I would use the same pieces over again.  I now have my designated chaga pot on my stove.  Although it is a challenge to get some wild chaga...we sure would want it to be around for many more thousands of years.

Yes, there is research, there are videos on how to locate it, prepare it, what the benefits are and I suggest you have your own fun or join me for some chaga brew!

Stress With a Big "S"
When scientists share with us that they believe 80% of all diseases are mainly due to stress, what are your tools for managing your stress.  I would suggest that your stresses are unique to you and more than one tool would be the way to go.  Perhaps a dose of chaga regularly?  Perhaps some stress management tools? Look at the whole picture.

May you live long and prosper \/ dear friends.


Cheryl Millett BSc CCIr NNCP
Director, Auum Canada
Holistic Nutritionist & Consultant

Learn about the many simple tools to manage your stress. All is well!

Far North Bushcraft and Survival
and more. (seal blubber)

Disclaimer, Decisions and Spirituality


Cheryl Millett and Healthy Balance 4 You reserves the right to all content herein. The contents of this Site are for informational purposes only. Information contained on this Site is not intended to diagnose, treat, suggest a course of treatment, cure or prevent any disease, condition or malady. 

Medicine versus Food and the Mind

So it comes to this, a disclaimer (just having fun) decide what is good for you, and others, like me, can share openly any information that has helped them, their clients/customers, etc. alongside information that may have been collected in field research, reading or studies (without making claims). So who do you listen to? YOU and who else?

salt water bath, cleansing, omega-3s and children, seal oil, omega-3s and athletes, omega-3 and MS
Orchids by Michael Pearce
Medical doctors play a role and it is still your body so ask questions. If you are not feeling well, something is not in balance and it may be out of their scope.  Why? Because doctors seem to use linear thinking (Newtonian - A to B to C to D etc. and medicine/drugs works this way hence the side-effects) and are limited in what they know (nutrition) or can test, you might not always get a diagnosis (there is nothing wrong with you) or perhaps not a proper diagnosis (you have cancer but you really don't). Get a second opinion and understand that stress plays a role in disease alongside poor nutrition, lack of activity, etc.

Alternative or holistic health care is suppose to look at the whole and will be of a different mindset. Everyone here can also be limited but most likely they have something to offer you - what do you feel? I have learned to be open and listen to my gut, and to continue to step back to see the big picture.  I prefer the Salt Water Bath for cleansing the digestive tract and others like colonics - differences but one is not better than the other.

What is going on so that I am not in balance?

Do your genes dictate everything?  I believe not. You can change your genes and jeans. This could be an opportunity, something in the present (more stress) or something that is catching up with you but epigenetics will tell you that you have more to do with your health than your genes.  What do you believe?

Your beliefs have a lot to do with it according to Bruce Lipton in "Biology of Beliefs."

salt water bath, cleansing, omega-3s and children, seal oil, omega-3s and athletes, omega-3 and MS
Michael Pearce - Photographer
Thank you for your photos and expertise.
Your health, my passion...but you decide to create the desire and take the action. What if some of this information inspires you, leads you in the direction of what is true?

Recently, someone on the phone told me "the spiritual people are all moving into plant based and veganism." My response...

Let's set the record straight, we are all spiritual beings, not one more than the other. Do you think doing yoga every day or knowing how to meditate makes you more spiritual? Do you think because you eat vegetarian, you are more spiritual and going to be healthier than those that eat animals (natural, loved and blessed as some known cultures do).

Whether you consume a plant or an animal, you are no less spiritual, and with appreciation and gratitude toward the food and water you consume, you are live and well.

We are all in this together (quantum physics - connected instead of being linear). We are all energy (and I haven't come across anyone who disagrees with this one).  So, let's just say you feel a certain way about things...if the feelings are good, good things are bound to come, and if the feelings are bad, you can expect things to happen or not to happen. (Esther Hicks "Sara" books)

Healthy Balance 4 You has been created to reach people, understand their story and provide impeccable information and guidance.  Others do the same. One chooses their path.

Be well and happy.

Cheryl * 416-413-0345

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