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Taking in the bigger picture, we understand that on the surface, things appear one way but after asking the right questions or doing some undercover work, we learn things are not always as they appear and sometimes it is what is under a microscope.  Over time and with experience we see a more complete picture. Natural foods are getting attention and here is one important thing to consider.

One Example
From my omega research, a farmer, who raises grass-fed cows, gave me numbers on the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio for cows fed on grass and those that are fed on corn or corn finished (mammalian omegas).  The cows fed corn developed an imbalance in these essential fatty acids or EFAs (8:1 ratio Omega-6 and Omega-3 respectively). Balanced EFAs are key to maintaining a healthy functioning brain/nervous system, immune system (manage chronic inflammation such as cancer, diabetes, etc.), hormonal balance, and more.

"Omega-6 and Omega-3 are both healthy fats as long as they are in an equally balanced 1:1 ratio."

How we raise or grow our food, not just vegetables, is important to our health.

People are becoming more aware of how food impacts our health, our thinking and well-being. When I studied "The Seven Stages of Disease" it became clearer that toxins are one of the root causes of all disease along with nutritional deficiencies.

Farmers are people too, and so there is a growing need to produce naturally raised foods for their families as well as others.

One such business is Cranston's who recognizes the need to supply families with natural meats/premium products at an affordable price, delivered and with financial options.

Last month I spoke with Kevin at Cranston's to learn more.

"Healthier farming contributes to Healthier families. At Cranston's Ontario Inc. we support Local Ontario Family Farms and uphold traditional, wholesome & humane farming practices. Truly natural and free range - a more natural setting for animals, fresh water, outside with plenty of room to roam and liberal access to good food."

Keep on learning and if you would like a free consultation with Milena Vigliotta please contact her directly and let her know that you read this article.  Provide any feedback below.

organic meats
Cranston's Ontario
Great Variety of Local, All-Natural Free-Range Meat at Affordable Pricing...I highly recommend Cranston's for its quality and more. "You will taste the difference."

Cranston's is a small, family run business that has gathered local, all-natural, sustainable farmers across Ontario to offer you a great menu of selections of beef, pork, chicken & turkey (menu expanding) at affordable pricing. All meat is hormone, chemical, antibiotic free (the feed is also GMO-free).

Our packages are built to offer exceptional quality with affordable pricing comparable with factory farm pricing delivered directly to you.

For a free consultation call Milena Vigliotta @ 416-738-5378 GTA.

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Factory Farmed Meat to Local All-Natural Free-Range Meat:

-  Health:  Avoid putting growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals in your body that can lead to health issues down the road.
-  Support Local Farmers who do sustainable farming as it was done thousands of years ago.
-  Taste:  If you've had a quality steak you will know the tender juicy taste you get with all natural meat.


There are several ways to obtain natural meats...hunt/fish, natives, farmers, some health food stores, farmers' markets.  I purchase smoked fish from the natives at the Wychwood Barns Saturday Farmer's Market. I purchase farmed fresh eggs and chickens from a farmer.

Learn more at

One of the root causes of ALL disease is toxins. Cheryl is known for presenting on The Seven Stages of Disease - educating on well-being, healthy habits, prevention and balancing health naturally.

Your health, my passion!

Best of health,

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Cheryl Millett "Health Champion"
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
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RAIN Splashing for Health

On this glorious morning, the rain that falls from the sky in Toronto has inspired me to write, not only for health but for all the pleasures it creates from the moment we could jump in puddles.

The memory of walking with Sally and her son Evan brings a childlike smile to my face. Do children naturally want to splash in puddles? Sally didn't want Evan splashing in the puddles...might splash someone, his socks wet, would mean going on the road.

Splashing in the Rain
I got a sparkle in my eye and splashed. Evan with some hesitation did too. Next came the laughter, the fun and from that day forward Evan remembered me as the lady who gave him permission to splash in the puddles.  Do you need permission too?

Summer rains create something negative called ions, only this is positive for us.  The positive ions are all around us:

- the electromagnetic radiation from power lines and household wires
- electric heating and air conditioning devices
- cellular phones, computers, TVs, microwave ovens
- pollution from exhausts, smog, cigarette fumes
- radiation and harmful chemicals and toxins (also from synthetic fabrics/materials used for house building or decor)
- closed air at home, office, cars or buses

This disrupts the acid-alkaline balance within. The negative ions are here all around us to offset and provide balance.  Where should you be looking?

The flowing waters of rivers and waterfalls, rain showers and waves produce these. Do you ever feel more energized being in nature? Photosynthesis and evaporation produced by the plants are also a source of these healthy ions. Living in places with four seasons, means negative ions from fresh snow...a frozen rain.

Ever wonder why baths make you sleepy and having a shower is invigorating?

Sunny days causes negative ions too...the rain and the sun for good health.  At the heart it, nature is part of a healthy lifestyle and the next time it rains I will listen for the beating of feet.

Reflect and Reflections
by Cheryl Millett

The rain is cleansing,
Washing plant and cobbled streets.
Creating rivers and raindrops,
The puddles splash beneath our feet.

The rain is playful,
And windows provide a canvas.
Romance afoot and music to our ears,
Droplets fall gently on the window glass.

The rain is life,
Bodies are drenched in it.
Plants nourished by every drop,
The trees grow to be a bench upon we sit.

The rain is creation,
Burst forth the reflections in the rain.
Singing in the rain for the joy of it,
For the love flows the pulse within.

Many a Beautiful Sky is with Clouds
The rain is connecting,
Stormy clouds and immense oceans meet.
Nourishing food is naturally water rich,
Whilst our blood flows from head to feet.

Rain rain come out to play.

June 16, 2015
Toronto, CANADA

One of the root causes of ALL disease is toxins. Cheryl is known for presenting on The 7 Stages of Disease - educating on how to prevent disease and balancing it naturally.

Your health, my passion!

Best of health,

nutrition presenter, writer, healthy balance 4 you, Auum omega
Cheryl Millett "Health Champion"
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
Agent of Change . Presenter
Director of Sales, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *

Toronto Midtown Chapter . The Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Join Holistic Minded Businesses, Practitioners and People!

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You shared...

Loved your article about the rain. When i was a child (5-10yrs) living in Cleveland Ohio my mother allowed my sister and I to get into our bathing suits and go outside in the rain. Many of our neighborhood gang joined us. We had such a delightful time running and splashing in the rain. To this day I get the urge to get into my bathing suit and run in the rain, it would be so much fun! It is hard to find anyone who would join me!

Excellent!  Donna D.

Beautiful! Love it!  Sarah C R

Mammalian Omega 3 and Arthritis

THIS NEWLY DISCOVERED SOURCE is gaining popularity with the people in Canada and around the world.

All diseases have an inflammatory component!
For example, any disease ending "itis" like arthritis is inflammation but so is cancer and diabetes. Most recently, studies on depression are showing inflammation in the brain.

I wrote a comment on a LinkedIn group regarding my general thoughts for arthritis.

Question: We just posted a blog about healing arthritis pain naturally through exercise, does anyone have any suggestions on relieving arthritic inflammation through nutrition?

My Answer:
There are foods to avoid (nightshades, molds, etc.) and foods to consume...a good wholesome natural diet - or clean diet - would be explored. Everyone is unique!

cheryl millett, toronto, holistic nutritionistSomething I have worked with over 6 years is the healthy balanced essential fatty acids particularly Omega 3 to help manage the inflammation and to support a healthy immune and nervous system function. They are all connected.


Omega 3s are a valuable piece of the puzzle...but which ones?

Plant Omega 3s are short and because the digestive system is unpredictable there may be little conversion to the long chain essential fatty acids (EFAs) or omegas in all diets.

Fish oils are not like us and so have generally not performed as expected shares many doctors and Universities around the world. They are also NOT naturally a healthy balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3, they are an average of a 10:1 ratio Omega 6 to Omega 3. They are missing a form of Omega 3 called docosapentaenoic acid or DPA. I now recommend a mammalian Omega 3 - something we all are suppose to get at birth, breast milk. Seal oil is the newly discovered source of mammalian Omega 3 just like us just like BREAST MILK.

Arthritis and Seal oil study from the Memorial University:

Thinking about it being Omega 3 coming from a seal?  One such vegan Leija Turunen shares her thoughts on seal oil in this video

Education at open to learn, to experience, not just seal oil 
but anything that might be good or feel good for you.

Your health, my passion!

Best of health,

Cheryl Millett "Health Champion"

Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Holistic Nutritionist . Certified Clinical Iridologist
Director, Auum Canada
416-413-0345 *

Toronto Midtown Chapter . The Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Join Holistic Minded Businesses and Practitioners!

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"Omegas in the 21st Century"
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"Healthy Balance 4 You"
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"Iridology: Your Eyes Speak"

Presentations are tailored to the needs of the group/business/conference/school.

Mammalian Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation

Evan Lewis of the University of Toronto publishes this statement based on the recently completed double-blind clinical study: "Omega-3 supplementation in well trained athletes was shown to increase muscle activation (9%) and reduce sprint cycling fatigue (5%)."


Mammalian omega-3 fatty acid supplementation for 21-days improves aspects of neuromuscular function and mitigates fatigue during cycling exercise

Evan J. H. Lewis, Peter W. Radonic, Richard P. Bazinet, Thomas M. S. Wolever, Greg D. Wells

PURPOSE: Omega-3 fatty acids (N-3) are an essential nutrient for human health and development than can only be obtained from the diet. N-3s are an integral component of neural tissues and have anti-inflammatory properties. Research to date has focused on the effect of N-3s on cardiovascular outcomes and animal models of neural injury/regeneration. Limited data suggest N-3 supplementation benefits exercise performance, however no study has investigated the ergogenic potential of N-3 supplementation on neuromuscular function or performance. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of short-term mammalian N-3 supplementation on neuromuscular function and physical performance in well-trained athletes.
METHODS: Male athletes (n=30), 25 years (SD 4.6), training 17 h.wk-1 (SD 5) completed this randomized placebo-controlled parallel design study (N-3 n=18; placebo n=12). Prior to randomization (2-10 days), participants completed a familiarization session of neuromuscular testing consisting of quadriceps maximal voluntary isometric contractions (qMVC) with electromyography (EMG) recordings from the vastus lateralis (VL) and measurement of rate of force development. Participants’ 10-repetition maximum (RM) back squat was established and a cycling VO2max test was performed. Baseline testing occurred after 24 hours recovery from training. After a resting venous blood sample was collected and a battery of tests were performed as follows: qMVC, squat jump, counter-movement jump, push-ups, 10-RM squat, Wingate, 250 kJ time trial (TT) and qMVC. Participants then received their randomly assigned supplement and were instructed to take 5 mL daily (N-3 seal oil, 375 mg EPA, 230 mg DPA, 510 mg DHA; placebo, olive oil). After 21-days of supplementation, participants’ repeated baseline testing using identical methods. Plasma % N-3 was analyzed using a two-factor ANOVA. The magnitude-based inference approach was used to estimate the probability that N-3 had a beneficial effect on neuromuscular function and performance of at least ±1%.  Data are shown as difference in % changes on N-3 versus placebo (mean±90% confidence interval). Results were considered to be unclear, possibly, likely or very likely beneficial when the probability of a beneficial effect was <25 25-74="" 75-94="" or="" p="" respectively.="">
RESULTS: After supplementation, plasma EPA % concentration was higher in the N-3 group (p=0.004) but the increases in DPA and DHA were not significant (p=0.087, p=0.058). N-3 supplementation had an unclear effect on qMVC force (4.1±6.6%). Vastus lateralis activation measured by EMG increased 9% (SD 38) on N-3 versus a 13% (SD 19) reduction on placebo, indicating a very likely benefit (20±18%).  There was an unclear difference between groups in the jump tests, push-ups and 10RM squat; however, N-3 supplementation had a very likely beneficial effect for reducing Wingate fatigue measured by % power drop (-4.76±3.4%). TT performance was 6.23 (SD 131.63) seconds faster on N-3 and 22.91 seconds (SD 65.05) slower on placebo, but this represents an unclear difference of -1.9±4.8%.
CONCLUSION: This is the first study to demonstrate an ergogenic effect of N-3 supplementation on neuromuscular function and performance in well-trained athletes. Supplementation improved muscle activation and mitigated cycling fatigue. These results provide a basis for further investigation of N-3 supplementation in athletes.

[Noted by Cheryl Millett: Product used was Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D. 1 tsp or 5 ml daily] 


Continued studies with athletes by Evan Lewis are currently taking place and will be published/shared as they become available.

"Omega-3 Supplementation and Adaptations to Sprint Interval Training"

Evan Lewis PhD (C) at the University of Toronto set out to eliminate as many variables as possible from the choice of participants to the best replication of the Auum oil (mammalian Omega-3s) with the placebo (olive oil plus lemon oil and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3).  Evan recently presented at a conference and shared the final results, although, one thing is for sure, Evan continues to dive into the results for more answers.


Evan Lewis at the University of Toronto is startinganother research study on:
“The Effects of Omega-3 Supplementation on Diabetes Neuropathy”
Researchers in the Department of Neurology are currently recruiting adults (> 18 years old) with Type 1 diabetes to participate in a research study examining the effects of Omega-3 supplementation on nerve function.  Free product provided for this 1 year research study. Please contact for a screening. Email today as participation is almost full. Feel free to pass this along to others.

I congratulate Evan on his winning the Canadian Diabetes Research funding competition to make this research possible. Auum only supplies the product.


Auum's Mammalian Omega 3 oils are Health Canada approved and have been accepted for the use in double-blind studies funded by the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Cancer Society. Currently, these studies are taking place at Universities in Toronto and Montreal, CANADA.